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Stained Glass

is not only sacred art ...
Stained glass is not only window decoration ...
Stained glass can also be a great complement to any interior as: image, components of furniture, partitions, screens, lighting components, emblems and symbols (eg company) and small items of equipment ...

here you can find it all...

  • Stained glass
  • Jadwiga Golebiewska
  • Jadwiga Golebiewska

    One of the most creative stained glass artists.
    Graduated at the School of Fine Arts in Cracow and the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at the faculty of Interior Design in prof. Tadeusz KWAK.
    Her stained glass can be found throughout the world and in particular in almost all European countries, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan and many others.
    Recent exhibitions: Paris, Vienna, New York, Cracow.

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Random artworks

Master of Stained Glass - Offer  

from the beginning to a HANDMADE HAPPINESS

Stained glass - created and made using Tiffany quality style and materials, as the artwork examples shown, and can also be created to your individual designs and requirements.
Stained glass can be used as interior design elements such as freestanding decorative screens and space dividers, elements in furniture items, cabinet panels and similar….

Stained glass as purely creative images and artwork
Stained glass as business items, corporate symbols and company logos, glass advertising items
Stained glass for decorative door and window panels
Stained glass for church and religious purposes
Stained glass for heraldic images and family coats of arms

We can make stained glass to almost any practical size, individual designs and selected glasses.
Individual pricing and cost quotations are project specific and determined by a number factors such as sizes and dimensions, type and quality of glass, leading and solder thicknesses etc.



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